Crosshairs by OrangeSavannah

Didn’t see this anywhere on tumblr, so I had to share it for y’all. Absolutely stunning work!

I accidentally splurged

and bought

a Crosshairs dragon:


Some humanized Crosshairs sketches!

I… I think I accidentally made him a bit too attractive.

Oh well. Have some Aussie.


"Shall we dance?"

THIS TOOK A LOT LONGER THAN IT SHOULD HAVE. I distracted myself with the internet too much lol.


Plus, 1k gems to a couple of random people.

How to Enter:

1. Reblog with your username and FR ID number.

2. What do I want to know about you guys this time? Hmmm. Hmmm *squints eyes* Hmmm. Tell me something or someone that brings you a lot of joy or at least makes you pretty happy. Can’t be about Flight Rising. I follow a lot of you so I already know (I think) what makes you smile on the site. Maybe even surprise me and tell me why! I plan to read every response!

1. Please reblog those things in order - Username, ID and then the thing/person that makes you happy!!

2. Not answering gets you no entry!

When does this end?
- I’ll let you know.

Do you actually have the treasure?
-Hah. Yes.

Good luck! :D

Flamefatalis #48151

Something that brings me a lot of joy:  that would probably be enjoying the sunset with a good cup of coffee at Cape May.  It’s beautiful down there, especially when all the birds are calling to one another.

I have three shimmer-iridescent-gembond ridgeback hatchlings for sale on my Flight Rising page.  Plus, no one has claimed that double seafoam skydancer—he’s still for sale as well.

This was from yesterday, but I forgot to post it. Zu Zu thinks she can eat everything… Including my camera

The momma was feeding her fledgling until she decided to fly on top of the feeder.


I cant breathe